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Also you'll need some knowledge of bootstrap, css, jquery to edit this theme.

Version: 1.0

Install the Theme

Pre Installation Knowledge

If you are new to Wordpress, please learn how to use wordpress or wordpress themes along with the other features. Theme documentation is for the users who knows to handle Wordpress. Please find few links from where you can learn about wordpress.

There are two way to upload themes in Wordpress and we are describing them both now. You can either upload all theme files via Wordpress Theme Uploader or you can use FTP.

Using Theme Uploader :

Step 1 : Go to Dashboard Appearance Themes

Step 2 : Add New Upload

Step 3 : Choose file and click into the Install Now.

Using FTP Clients:

Assuming that you know how to use the FTP clients like Filezilla,SmartFTP etc. If you dont have any experience with this please try it with Theme Uploader.

Activate the Theme:

Theme Plugins

Plugin Source Type Status
Nano Custom Post Types Pre-Packaged Required Not Installed
Revolutions Slider Pre-Packaged Recommended Not Installed
Visual Composer Pre-Packaged Recommended Not Installed
Woo Commerce WordPress Repository Required Not Installed
Contact Form 7 WordPress Repository Recommended Not Installed
Wordpress Importer WordPress Repository Recommended Not Installed

Set Demo Content

Go to Tools Import Click into Wordpress to import the contents. If wordpress importer is not installed, it will ask you to install and activate the plugin before import.

Browse the demo content File : Theme Folder DemoContent [ File Name: demo_content.xml ]

Please select Author and check the Download and import file attachments (for images other related files to post and pages) before submitting it.

Revolution Slider Import File : Theme folder DemoContent [ File Name : ]

Nano Page Banner Settings

Default Banner Settings for Pages

Nano Page Settings

Default Settings for Pages

  • 1.Background Color/Image 3.Background Opacity Background Image Settings
    1. 1. Background color/Image: To set the Background Image to the specific page.
    2. 2. Background Image Settings : To set Background Image styling.
    3. N.B:If you set the background color from here, then you have to set the opacity.
    4. 4. Background Opacity:You can change the opacity of the background from here.
  • Title & Sub-title Settings :
    1. 1. Title, Sub-title : Set color, fonts,alignment of ttitle & subtitle:

Nano Post Settings

Default Settings for Posts

    1. 1. Background Image or Color can be set

Nano Page Template Settings

  • Color Chooser Template
    1. Color Chooser template will help to create color option for single product.
  • Connect Template
    1. Connect template will help to create Connect and Play section.
  • Introduction Template
    1. There are no specific settings for this template.
  • Pocket Template
    1. Pocket template will help to create last section on the homepage.
  • Open Shop Template
    1. Open Shop template will help to create Open Shop section on the homepage.
  • Review Template
    1. User Review template will help to create User Review section on the homepage.
  • Nano Shop Template
    1. Nano Shop template will help to create the Shop page.
  • Blog Template
    1. Blog template will help to create the Blog page which shows the latest posts.
  • What's New Template
    1. What's New template will help to create the What's New section on the homepage. There are no specific settings for this template.
  • Blank Template
    1. Blank template will help you to create pages at your choice, specially with Visual Composer.

Home Page Settings

To set the content block in Home page we need to do the following.

Nano Widgets

Nano Widgtes, Go to Appearance Widgets. There are 3 widget areas.

General Settings

For settings, Go Settings Menu.

Menu Settings

To set the Menus, Go Appearance Menus.

Nano Options

Nano Post types

Custom Post types for this theme has been defined in the Nano Custom Post Types Plugin. If you have the plugin Installed you will get the following post types with their features.

  • Review Post Type

    Here we described the settings for Review Post Type.

    1. 1. Click on Reviews in the Dashboard Menu to add, edit and delete Shop Reviews.
    2. 2. Add shop Review title, content, reviewer image, profession and rating for the post.
    3. 5. Click on Update button.
    4. Fornt End View

Woocommerce Shop Template

To set up a static shop page follow the steps described below.

  • Woocommerce Single Product Shop Template Back End

    1. 1. To set up a custom shop page like the demo you need to create a static page.
    2. 2. Then select the Nano Shop Template from the Page Attributes metabox.
    3. 3. Make sure you have checked on the Woocommerce Page Settings from Screen Options at the top.
    4. 4. If you have created new products, they should show up in the dropdown of Woocommerce Page Settings metabox.
           Select your product from the dropdown and update the page once.
    5. 5. Product attributes will appear in the attribute selector groups.
    6. 6. For each subsequent attribute you can add a new group by clicking Add Another Entry.

    Woocommerce Shop Template Front End

    1. Attribute Section Examples:
    2. 7. If you have selected all the options the avaialable product matching the selected otpions will show up in the last section/slide.

Support Team

We always try make our themes errors and bugs free. If you still found any error or bug in theme please let us know to fix it ASAP and update the same.

If you need any help or assistance in installation or setting up this theme or you are facing any difficulties in using this theme, you just need to contact our dedicated support team. Just goto our Support site.